Maroeska Metz B.V. | 1996-2019

From 1996 to 2019, Maroeska Metz was a partner and later owner of Maroeska Metz B.V., which emerged from Maroeska Metz V.O.F. The company achieved success and grew steadily.

In the beginning, things seemed to be going very well; the company was successful and continued to grow. New investments could be made to develop new products. In total, the company had grown to 6 full-time employees.

She was co-owner with her brother. Everything went well until Maroeska discovered that her brother was siphoning money from the B.V. for personal use without permission. Maroeska confronted him about this, leading to a five-year legal battle.

Due to the “twinning contract,” Maroeska couldn’t buy out her brother. She offered to sell him the company symbolically for €1, but he refused. Ultimately, she had to repurchase her own depleted company, pay two years’ salary to her brother, and also bear high legal fees to sever ties with him.

This left Maroeska in significant financial troubles and due to the lack of financial resources made it increasingly difficult to develop new product lines and maintain her competitive position in the market.

In 2014, Maroeska had to sell her house in Amsterdam after the bank demanded repayment of its money. She moved to her thousand square meters workshop and showroom in Wormerveer and kept her business running for another five years until she decided to shut it down and continue as an independent designer of unique pieces and focus more on her jewelry designs.