The stripes on the walls in this room are inspired by the Cornish Kitchenware Crockery that I got from my mother. It’s so beautiful, so modern, it’s timeless. To do justice to the crockery, I designed a display cabinet. The cabinet is made of oak wood, the glass doors and shelves have subtly matted curls on the corners. Standing on the cabinet the lamp ‘Jive’, made of crystal in Bohemia. The feet of the lamp create a floating effect, making the lamp look elegant. This lamp is made in three colours, silver, white and black. The ceiling lamp is inspired by an old clock lantern, sober, subtle and the white crystal gives the lamp a nice diffused warm light. Very suitable for corridors, hallways and smaller spaces.

1. Hanging lamp ‘Beljar’ white crystal [2006]
2. Table lamp ‘Jive’ white Bohemian crystal [2006]
3. Display cabinet oak single piece [1996]
4. Cabinet knobs ‘Escargot’ porcelain in various colours [1997]


The candlestick…that’s where it all started. Graduated as a sculptor, I soon discovered that commissioned work for public buildings meant more paper work than creativity.

The sale of sculptures is also very difficult especially as a starting artist. I like to cook for friends, and once made a nice Christmas dinner in 1988, I wanted to set the table for this occasion with a candlestick, something romantic, I searched but couldn’t find it and thought.. I’ll make it myself. And the rest is history…

1. Candlestick Single piece 1990


This austere Empire-inspired setting was photographed in a castle in the Netherlands. The hanging lamp and wall lamps are therefore called the Napoleon series. I still use the music stand every day. An interior made with a few powerful statements, without many superfluous accessories, has always my preference. The Vienna vase is standing on the grand piano.  Due to my great love for music, designs have arisen from this passion, such as the violin chair, a quartet music stand and the Toscanini chair.

1. Hanging lamp Napoleon [1998]
2. Wall Lamp Napoleon [1998]
3. Vase Vienna [1997]
4. Music Stand [1998]


This red color gives the room an almost tsarist allure. This was too the inspiration to complete this table with chairs with this ‘classic’ chandelier. The lamp is made with wrought iron curls. The chairs are called the violin chairs, because of the curl that refers to music keys and the curl of the violin. They are produced in left and right rotation so that a special interesting effect is created when you place them randomly around a table, your eye can’t grasp it for a while, which is nice. In addition to lights, the lamp also has candles, so you can also dine by candlelight…

1. Chandelier Castillo with candles and lights [1993]
2. Book standard
3. Dining table [1994]
4. Violin Chairs [1994]


My most famous sofa is the ‘Gioconda’ sofa designed in 1995. Self-cut from foam and wood in full size. While I was working in the production, so days and days welding… blacksmithing… Designing was while I was standing behind my welding desk.. Doing my job almost on the ‘automatic pilot’… Thinking about a friendly form… where to put your arms.. My business companions were on vacation for a week, which was lovely, I knew I was free but there was also haste behind it, I cut into the foam and there she stood. I tried and tried.. cutting away the foam like a sculpture. Suddenly there was the form, it became an embrace, and also the back of the sofa, very important. So it became a couch excellent for free standing in space… useful for lobby’s or just like a sculpture in private homes… When the prototype was ready, with help of an excellent upholstery lady while I was looking the name came into my mind, free after Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa also called la Gioconda, just like the portrait:is she smiling or looking seriously? On the wall you see the huge mirror ’Sun’ made in a period I didn’t feel very well, suddenly I realised that I could make the sun rise myself…

1. Mirror Sun [2008]
2. Wall candlestick
3. Couch Gioconda [1995]
4. Carpet Zebra [1999]


In my previous house in Amsterdam, but also in my workshop I have had all colors on my walls you can imagine. Paint is an easy tool to create a totally different atmosphere. It’s clear that you have to adjust details: a wooden cabinet/table can remain, but objects have to be adapted to this main color, which then gives the whole a legitimacy and also tranquility. People are always inclined (if they have always had white walls), when choosing a color to take pastel tones. I can advise on what a certain color ‘does’, I am in favor of clear/bright colors: a statement. On this photo the room has a heavy purple color, gloomy but also safe and warm. The previous color on the wall was white, so a huge contrast. The photo shows the fireplace. We made this fireplace on the spot where there was a stove in the old kitchen situation, this kitchen has been added to the room so that a much nicer space was created. Above the beam I made an ornament of wrought iron. In the fireplace is a silver-plated wine cooler, a prototype designed in 1997 and made in India at the time. Now used as a vase.

1. Ornament above the fireplace made of wrought iron
2. Silver plated wine cooler


This photo was taken in 1996 in my previous studio in Amsterdam. The table has 5500mm length. The chairs, the mirror, the lamps, the vase here create a total atmosphere. The Wiener Werkstaette is the source of inspiration, the movement in which the architect designs everything, including the teacup and tea towel. This creates a harmony. People sometimes ask: isn’t that busy with all those curls… No, I say, not exactly, everything is attuned to each other and fits together so very harmonious. In my previous studio we were in a multi-company building. I worked opposite my neighbour/ceramist Ella Ursem. A technically gifted potter, I developed various dinnerware with her, one of which can be seen in the photo. The mega-mirror gives a very spatial effect.

1. Table single piece 5500mm*1550mm wild maple wood [1994]
2. Violin chair prototype [1995]
3. Crockery [1996]
4. Mega mirror Baroque [1996]
5. Pendant lamp Octopus (1550mm diameter) [1995]
6. Vase stand Fiori [1996]